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Getting Dentures? What to Expect During the Process

Elder Woman With New Dentures
Dentures are removable replacement teeth designed to restore areas of your mouth where teeth are missing or need to be removed. If you need dentures, you're likely wondering what to expect during the process.
This blog will teach you what to expect as part of the denture procedure, from what happens before to what you may experience after. Keep in mind, however, that each patient has their own process for receiving dentures. And recovery times vary, so speak to your dentist about any concerns you have about receiving dentures during your initial visit.

During Your Initial Visit

If you need to have any rotting or loose teeth removed prior to getting dentures, this will be performed by your dentist at your first initial visit. Your dentist will then examine your gum tissue and jaw bone health to ensure that your mouth is ready for receiving dentures.
You will then be fitted for dentures by having custom impressions made of your mouth. Your dentures will be formed based on the impressions to ensure a healthy, natural fit.
You will work with your dentist to decide the shape and size of your dentures' teeth, and you will have color options to choose from to give you the most natural smile.
Your dentist will then create your new dentures, fitted to your mouth, by sending the impressions to a special laboratory. You may receive temporary dentures while you wait for your new dentures to arrive.

When Your Dentures Arrive

Your dentist will have you come to their office to have your new dentures fitted when they arrive. You will receive an oral examination to ensure that your dentures fit snugly and won't move around.
Your new dentures may feel tight and uncomfortable at first. Your dentist will have you practice speaking, biting, and making chewing motions with your dentures in. Your dentist will also give you instructions for routine denture care.
You may also receive a care package for your dentures when you receive your new teeth in the dentist's office. You may receive a denture cleaning tool, special adhesive to hold your dentures in place, and other oral care items.

After Receiving Dentures

Dentures will take some getting used to. During the first few weeks, you will need to chew only on soft foods until your mouth gets fully used to your new dentures. Chewing on both sides of your mouth at once is best when getting used to dentures and helps keep your dentures in place.
You will also need to visit your dentist for follow-up visits to make sure your mouth is healing correctly from any tooth extractions. Let your dentist know if you have any issues swallowing or speaking or if you feel pain in your mouth when wearing your dentures even after weeks of use.
A common issue with dentures when people first receive them is that they are loose. The reason for loose-fitting dentures is that your gums were swollen from tooth the extractions that you had before the impressions were made of your mouth, resulting in a looser fit of permanent dentures. Your dentist will have you come into their office periodically over the next several weeks or months to ensure that your dentures are continuing to improve your quality of oral health.
Once your dentures have become a part of your daily life, you will feel more confident in your smile and be able to eat most of the foods you love without issue. Allow our team of dental experts to fit you with standard or custom dentures today. Call us at AICO'S Dental Group.