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Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings in Westlake

Do you brush your teeth at least twice daily? Do you floss daily? Do you use mouth rinse? Even if you answered yes to all three of these questions, if you aren’t having regular teeth cleaning, you aren’t doing enough for your teeth. Regular toothbrushes and other dental devices for use at home work well for basic cleaning, but they can’t get into the interproximal areas, the spaces between your teeth. The problem is even worse if you have braces. It’s easy for food debris to get stuck between your teeth and the braces and cause a buildup of bacteria. This bacteria will eventually lead to cavities or even irreversible tooth decay. Luckily, all you have to do is come into Aico’s Dental Group in Westlake for a checkup to be well on your way to a healthier mouth.

Our professional dental cleaning tools are made to reach between the teeth, behind braces and around the gum line to remove bacteria and prevent decay. Our dental exams also include complete X-rays to check for microscopic problems, sealants to better protect your molars and fluoride treatment for an extra boost of clean for your lips, teeth and gums. It is extremely important not to put off these exams. Ongoing tooth decay leads to a plethora of other problems that range from halitosis to gum disease or even the complete loss of your teeth. If you lose your teeth, you will need dental bridges or even an entire set of dentures or implants.

Make Your Mouth Healthier in Garfield Heights

Aico’s Dental Group aims to better serve our patients in Westlake and Garfield Heights by offering evening and weekend appointments in addition to our traditional business hours. To schedule dental exams for the whole family, call 440-835-3109.

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