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Resilient Dentures and Partials in Westlake

Your teeth are a vital part of your anatomy, making it easier to chew, speak and even smile when you are in social situations. If your natural teeth are decaying or missing, dentures offer a permanent solution. At Aico’s Dental Group in Westlake, we believe everyone deserves to have a smile they can be proud of, which is why we strive to offer a range of options. The most affordable dentures and partials will easily restore function to your mouth, but may not look exactly like your original teeth. If you prefer something that looks natural even from inches away, we can provide a fully customized partial or set of full mouth dentures. Dentures require several appointments over several weeks to measure your mouth, try them on and create the perfect shape, color and fit. If you already have dentures and need a better fit, we also provide relines and repair.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Some people want to restore their smile but don’t want to deal with removing their dentures to clean them after every meal and in the evening. These people would benefit from a more permanent option. Aico’s Dental Group can install affordable dental implants. This form of prosthodontics involves inserting titanium screws into the jaw, which are then attached to metal posts known as an abutment. The abutment attaches to artificial teeth. Dental implants are permanent and can last for the rest of your life when they receive the proper care. Because the screws replace tooth roots, implants also help to prevent shrinking of the gums and jawbone.

We Offer Affordable Options in the Garfield Heights Area

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