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Zoom Teeth Whitening in Westlake

At Aico’s Dental Group in Westlake, we provide safe and effective teeth whitening using the Zoom Chairside Whitening System. This professional, scientifically advanced whitening system compares shades of its product to your natural tooth to determine which one will best match your natural smile. Our teeth whitening dentist will examine your teeth to help you make your decision. Although Zoom’s results are typically faster than other whitening treatments, your exact results will depend on your natural teeth and their level of staining. 

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If you have minimal staining, it will probably be enough to use our lightest application, which typically shows results within two weeks, but if you have dull, yellow or stained teeth, you may need a stronger solution, which could take four weeks or more to show results. Still, the wait will be worth having a brighter smile. Do you have sensitive teeth? Don’t worry, because Zoom provides options for you as well.

Benefits of a Brighter Smile

You might be wondering if it is really worth it to see a professional for brightening your smile. The answer is yes. Not only does our professional whitening system ensure better results than what you’d find in the dental aisle at the drugstore, but teeth whitening is also the simplest cosmetic dentistry procedure you could have. You’ll get a permanently whiter smile without having to use artificial elements that bond to your teeth. It is generally more affordable than other options, and maintenance only requires minor touch-ups from time to time.

We Also Serve Garfield Heights

Give yourself a reason to smile with professional teeth whitening from Aico’s Dental Group. Find out more about this service or simply schedule dental exams for the entire family by calling 440-835-3109. We provide service to patients in Westlake and Garfield Heights.